‘Third parties’ not to blame for ASX halt

(Australian Associated Press)

The technical issues that shut down the Australian Securities Exchange can’t be blamed on third parties, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed.

He was speaking in New York a day after the stock market lost a potential $3.5 billion in turnover due to three major outages that curtailed trading for three hours.

“It was not a third party,” he told reporters.

“It was a failure of their own systems, they’re rectifying it and they have apologised to their customers and to the market for the failure.”

The exchange is due to reopen for trading at 10am on Tuesday.

ASX chief executive Dominic Stevens has blamed a hardware failure that sparked a chain of other problems.

The ASX on Monday had to delay the start of trade until about 11.40am. There was another stoppage after lunch before the exchange shut for the day at 3.37pm, about 25 minutes ahead of the official close.



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