Referrals and Introductions

Our Referral Policy:
Our business is all about referrals. We receive referrals every day, and have built our business around delivering highly specialised advice that helps people who are serious about building a better retirement.

Exelsuper is always thrilled when we are referred to family and friends colleagues or clients. This is such a great compliment about our service, and is the best measure of the value we are delivering, so we take this very seriously.

Often, people will casually start discussing their financial adviser, or about how their investments are going. This is often an indicator that they are unhappy and hoping that you might have some suggestions they can use to improve the outcome they get from this process.

It’s at this point we welcome you to talk about us, and let your friends know that you will get us to give them a call.

We promise:

  • We treat each person you introduce us to with respect and care.
  • We’re never pushy or pesky…. all we can do is offer to help.
  • To have a no obligation initial chat, which costs nothing.
  • Your privacy and your family and friends’, or referred clients privacy is assured.
  • We ask for a brief introduction if possible so everyone feels comfortable (we find often an email or phone call is all that is needed).

Exelsuper want to ensure that your family, friends and colleagues can have access to the best care and attention available. So feel free to introduce us to those you care about most.

All you need to do is jot their details on our free post Referral Postcard and pop it in the mail, or just email me at

Easier still, just add the comment “referral” in the comments section below with your name and I will call you for details .