Farewell and Good Luck Barry

It is with sadness that I write to inform you that after a long and successful association with FAS and Exelsuper, Barry Crabtree has announced his intention to finish up in his role here as a Senior Financial Adviser effective the 23rd of November 2018.

Clearly, our priority is to immediately inform clients of Barry’s decision, and whilst this may not come as a total surprise to many, our affection for Barry makes this a sad announcement indeed.

In July 2015 Exelsuper acquired the Financial Advisory Service Business from Barry, to ensure that he was able to focus on client servicing, rather than business management which seems to swamp those of us who own and operate businesses such as FAS and Exelsuper.  In addition, implementing a seamless and well managed succession plan for Barry was a vital part of this sale process, and this plan is now coming to fruition.  Our goal has always been to make this a seamless experience for all Barry’s clients.

As most of you know, Scott McConville has, for the last 10 years, worked alongside Barry, and since joining Exelsuper, Scott has been involved in much of Barry’s client work.  There is no question that Scott is the right person to continue the exceptional levels of service and advice delivered by Barry, and in doing so, will continue Barry’s ethos and methodology, and in fact has already taken over the responsibility for many of Barry’s clients.  I am sure you will find Scott’s technical expertise, unquestionable ethics, exceptional education standards, intelligence and thorough approach to investment research, and of course his outstanding work ethic a credit to him, and of significant value to you and testament to Barry who has been Scott’s mentor for the past 10 years.

In addition to Scott, Brett Crabtree has worked as a Senior Financial Adviser here at Exelsuper since the FAS merger.  Brett is an outstanding financial adviser, who currently services many of Exelsuper’s most significant and valuable clients.  His abilities, ethics and approach are recognised in our industry as second to none, and I have asked Brett to identify those clients he has an existing relationship with and to pick up where Barry has left off. As Brett is Barry’s brother, he has an important connection to many of Barry’s clients, and will ensure a seamless continuance of high quality services.

Finally, as CEO of Exelsuper, I also offer you my significant experience in delivering services to Private Clients, and invite you to discuss any aspect of Barry’s departure by phone or meeting.  Of couse, if you wish to adopt me as your future servicing planner I would be delighted to assist you going forward.  My personal mobile number is 0412 470 146, and encourage you to phone me 24/7 if you have queries or concerns.

In closing, we have mixed feelings about Barry’s departure, as we will miss him deeply, and I am sure you will join me in wishing him all the best and thanking him for his dedicated service.

Kind regards,

Chris Harris


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